Writer of fiction, mummy of three, red of the headed, appreciative drinker of all the wines.

I grew up in Dartmouth, Devon where I caught an actual ferry to school and learned the skill of getting up, dressed, breakfasted and out of the door in under 30 minutes*.  I then went to Royal Holloway University where I met my best friend, future husband and got a 2,1 in English and Creative Writing. Upon returning to Devon in 2008, I lucked upon a job as a local newspaper reporter and thus launched a wholly unexpected career in journalism. A couple of years later I went to Cardiff University to study a PGDip in Broadcast Journalism (I had the choice between newspaper, broadcasting or magazine journalism. After two years at the Kingsbridge and Salcombe Gazette I fancied a break from newspapers, was absolutely clueless about working for magazines and completely and utterly enamoured by the prospect of working in TV or radio). After duly training as a TV and radio journalist, I went through a fairly depressing period of unemployment before finally landing a paid job as a reporter working for a (wait for it!) magazine.

After finding myself unexpectedly knocked up in my mid-twenties I gave birth to my first daughter in September 2013 and, for a while, my writing career took a swerve into the mummy-blog stratosphere. Whilst on maternity leave I also took the opportunity to try my hand at fiction writing and spent the next few years grappling on and off with a young adult novel which, despite many re-drafts, several literary agents quite liking it (but sadly not quite liking it enough) and earning a place on the 2016 Mslexia Children’s Novel Competition long-list, sadly never made it to publication. My partner and I got engaged, moved house and had possibly the wettest wedding known to the Westcountry before our second daughter was born in the summer of 2017. Our son arrived in April 2019 and I stopped trying to juggle motherhood with my job as a now-freelance journalist and embraced the lifestyle of the Stay At Home Mum Who Sometimes Tries To Write Fiction. Mostly this involves a lot of mad dashing about, a fairly strong reliance on coffee, shedloads of laundry, a never-ending cycle of clearing things up, wiping bottoms, relating hard to Michael McIntyre’s parenthood sketches, and an awful lot more screen time than I’m sure is advisable. When I’m not doing all of that, I try to write.

My debut novel, The Girl with the Green Eyes, was published by Bad Press Ink on November 5, 2021, and is available from Amazon NOW.

*I whole-heartedly believe that I could still achieve this if it weren’t for all the offspring in my life, or the fact I care about wearing make-up, which unfortunately I do because, being red of the headed, my eyelashes need the help.


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