Writer, journalist, mummy, redhead, wine lover and Devon-girl-at-heart. I started out as a local newspaper reporter in the cowpatty-idylls of South Devon at the tender age of 21. Since then I have dabbled in radio, TV, online journalism, a b2b trades magazine and novel-writing. After finding self unexpectedly knocked up in January 2013, I gave birth to my blue-eyed girl the following September. Three years later, her dad and I moved house, got married and embarked upon pregnancy number two in what has become our trademark doing-everything-at-once style. Our brown-eyed girl made her debut in the summer of 2017. I spend most of my days on the school run, getting my boobs out, hosting family events, keeping my house at a level of cleanliness somewhere above cesspit but below the standards of my mother and her entire generation, and trying to tease the half-finished stories in my head into actual novels with actual words that actually mean stuff.




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