Using google maps…

… to pinpoint some recent muggings.  Partly because crime, law and order is my reporting area of interest and partly because they happen to fall between the place where my bed is and the place where I buy alcohol and chocolate.

Several muggings have been reported along this route, popular with cyclists, dog walkers and students making the weekly pilgrimage to the huuuuuuuge Tesco Extra on Western Avenue.  Police have connected the incidents through various descriptions and have issued a warning not to walk alone late at night.  As many people know, this isn’t the first worrying report concerning student safety.  What might surprise you, however, is that it isn’t just young women walking alone at night who are at risk.  Five of the six people who were robbed along the Trail were men aged 21 – 58, and one of them was attacked at 4.45pm.  So watch your back!


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